Dallas Doings – A North Texas Centennial Celebration of Duke Ellington


Dallas Doings
A North Texas Centennial Celebration of Duke Ellington
University of North Texas Jazz Repertory Ensemble
Directed by David Joyner

1. Shwifti by Duke Ellington (3:10)
Clark Erickson, piano • Zack Hexum, tenor saxophone • Steve Butts, trumpet

2. Main Stem by Duke Ellington (2:38)
Steve Butts, trumpet • Rob Wilkerson, alto saxophone • Scott Marshall, tenor saxophone
Akira Sato, trumpet • Carl Murr, trombone • Zac Giffel, trombone

3. Merry-Go-Round by Duke Ellington (3:09)
Paul Tynan, trumpet • Zac Giffel, trombone • Rob Wilkerson, alto saxophone
Pete Di Siena, trumpet • Frank Basile, baritone saxophone

4. Jack the Bear by Duke Ellington (3:16)
Ross Schodek, bass • Chris McGuire, clarinet • Steve Butts, trumpet
Zac Giffel, trombone • Frank Basile, baritone saxophone

5. Black and Tan Fantasy by Duke Ellington (3:29)
Rob Wilkerson, alto saxophone • Steve Butts, trumpet • Zac Giffel, trombone
Clark Erickson, piano

6. Daybreak Express by Duke Ellington (3:05)
Chris Rigger, alto saxophone • Steve Butts, trumpet • Mark Hereth, trumpet

7. Mood Indigo by Duke Ellington (17:12)
Chris Rigger, clarinet • Rob Wilkerson, alto saxophone • Zack Hexum, tenor saxophone
Rosana Calderon, voice • Stephan Schlett, trombone • Clark Erickson, piano

8. The Flaming Sword by Duke Ellington (3:30)
Jim Pickard, trumpet • Zac Giffel, trombone • Carl Murr, trombone • Steve Butts, trumpet

9. Bluebird of Dehli and Ad Lib on Nippon from Far East Suite by Duke Ellington (6:42)
Chris McGuire, clarinet

10. Blood Count by Duke Ellington (4:31)
Rob Wilkerson, alto saxophone

11. Madness in Great Ones by Duke Ellington (3:31)
Pete Di Siena, trumpet

12. Diminuendo in Blue / Crescendo in Blue by Duke Ellington (11:33)
Right Channel – Clark Erickson, piano • Zack Hexum, tenor saxophone
Center – Steve Butts, trumpet • Scott Marshall, tenor saxophone
Left Channel – Frank Basile, baritone saxophone • Chris McGuire, tenor saxophone

David Joyner, director • Memphis, Tennessee

Rob Wilkerson – alto • Albuquerque, New Mexico
Chris Rigger – alto, clarinet • Stafford, Virginia
Chris McGuire – tenor, clarinet • Birmingham, Alabama
Scott Marshall – tenor • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Zachary Hexum – tenor • Omaha, Nebraska
Frank Basile – baritone • Omaha, Nebraska
Oscar Garza – alto on tracks 1-3, 5, 7-11 • Kingsville, Texas

Pete Di Siena • Edison, New Jersey
Mark Hereth • Cincinnati, Ohio
Akira Sato • Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Paul Tynan • Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
Jim Pickard • Rochester, New York
Steve Butts • Kaiapoi, Christchurch, New Zealand

Zachary Giffel • East Stroudsber, Pennsylvania
Stephen Schlett • Obenberg, Germany
Carl Murr • Rockwall, Texas
Joy Archer-Bravin • Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Rosana Calderon – voice on track 7 • El Paso, Texas
Chris Mello – guitar • Boston, Massachusetts
Clark Erickson – piano • Houston, Texas
Ross Schodek – bass • Richardson, Texas
Paul Stivitts – drumset • San Jose, California

Producer and director: David Joyner
Producer: Craig Marshall
Recording and mixing engineer: Michael Vazquez
Assistant engineers: Mike Sandusky, Jai Hutcherson
Graphic Design: Good Eye Design
Cover photograph: The Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas, 1933 where Duke Ellington and his orchestra appeared on their first tour of the South
Back photograph: The Majestic Theater, 1999

Special thanks to Mr. Hoyle Graham and Mr. James Avery for their generous support of this project, and to Dr. John Hasse for his continuing support.

Recorded on May 8—9, 1999 at Dallas Sound Lab • Irving, Texas
Mixed on November 14 & 21, 1999 at Loomis Productions • Addison, Texas

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