Groovin' Hard


UNT Jazz Singers, directed by Jennifer Barnes

Groovin' Hard

1. Ready, Aim, Fire (Jo Lawry [Fleurieu Music]; Vocal arr. Kerry Marsh) (4:11)
Soloists: Lizzi Trumbore, Andrew Evangelista, Kayla Highsmith,
Isabel Crespo, Anna Jalkéus, Ryan Howe, Zach Yaholkovsky

2. Tomorrow’s Another Day (Trad. Swedish Folk Song/Lyric by King Pleasure;
Arr. Zach Yaholkovsky) (4:47)
Soloists: Greg Santa Croce, Andrew Evangelista, Justin Binek

3. Home With You (Shelly Berg/Lorraine Feather [Blue Keys Music]; Arr. Jennifer Barnes) (5:05)

4. I Want To Be Happy (Vincent Youmans/Irving Caesar [WB Music Corp]; Arr. Jo Lawry/Jennifer Barnes) (5:59)
Soloists: Amanda Ekery, Roger Hunt, Andrew Evangelista

5. I’m Always Drunk in San Francisco (Tommy Wolf [Fricon Music Co OBO Wolfland]; Arr. Amanda Ekery) (4:51)
Soloists: Stephanie Hansen, Kayla Highsmith, Roger Hunt

6. A Lot of Livin’ to Do (Charles Strouse/Lee Adams [WB Music Corp]; Adap./Arr. Jennifer
Barnes) (2:55)

7. How You Loved Me On Mars (Josh Nelson/Kathleen Grace; Adap./arr. Zach
Yaholkovsky) (6:08)
Soloists: Greg Santa Croce, Isabel Crespo

8. Remain (Alison Wedding [Oobleedoo Music], Arr. Jennifer Barnes) (5:17)
Soloists: Anna Jalkéus, Zach Yaholkovsky, Yuri Yu, Camille DeVore,
Damian Garcia, Horace Bray

9. Groovin’ Hard (Don Menza [Croma Music]/Rob Burgess/Kelly Kunz/Amanda Kunz;
Arr. Dave Barduhn, adap. Kelly Kunz) (7:01)
Soloists: Marion Powers, Nicholas Olynciw

UNT JAZZ SINGERS PERSONNEL (Spring 2015 – Spring 2016)
Gabby Byrd (soprano) +
Justin Binek (bass) +^*
Horace Bray (guitar) +
Brandon Broussard (acoustic & electric bass) +
Isabel Crespo (soprano) ^*
Juan Pablo de la Mora (tenor) ^*
Chris Denton (tenor) ^
Camille Devore (alto) +
Amanda Ekery (alto) ^*
Andrew Evangelista (bass) ^*
Damian Garcia (piano) +
Kyle Gordon (acoustic & electric bass) ^*
Christine Hannan (alto) +^
Stephanie Hansen (alto) *
Kayla Highsmith (soprano) ^*
Terence Hobdy (drum set) +
Ryan Howe (baritone) +*
Roger Hunt (guitar) ^
Anna Jalkéus (soprano)+*
Sohui Jeong (alto) *
Eunji Kim (soprano) +^
Nicholas Olynciw (bass) +
Marion Powers (soprano) +
Nick Rothouse (percussion)+
Greg Santa Croce (piano) ^
Eric Tapper (drum set) ^
Lizzi Trumbore (soprano) *
Zach Yaholkovsky (tenor) ^*
Jackie Yin (soprano) ^
Yuri Yu (alto) +^

*Tracks 1, 2, 5, 7 +Track 3, 8, 9 ^Tracks 4, 6

Special thanks to Rosana Eckert (Senior Vocal Jazz Lecturer) for her private voice instruction to these vocalists, and to all of the outstanding Jazz Division faculty members for their instruction and support. Thanks to alum Alison Wedding, Shelly Berg & Lorraine Feather, Josh Nelson & Kathleen Grace, and Dave Barduhn for their beautiful songs and allowing us to perform and record them! Lastly, a big thanks to our inspiring guest artists and friends whose music is represented here, Jo Lawry & Groove for Thought, for giving of themselves and their music in a way that profoundly impacted us all!

Recording credits:
Producer: Jennifer Barnes
Recorded Spring and Fall 2015, Spring 2016 at Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas, TX
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Kent Stump
Mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas, TX

Artwork/graphic design: Lea Grant & Josué Canales