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I Carry Your Heart


I Carry Your Heart
UNT Jazz Singers, directed by Jennifer Barnes
with Special Guest Michelle Nicolle & The One O’Clock Lab Band®

We are thrilled to finally be releasing FOUR YEARS of music, thanks to the Covid interruption that kept us from releasing a recording every two years as had been our pattern. Jazz Singers was directed during the fall 2018 semester by Anna Jalkéus while I was on a Faculty Development Leave, so you’ll hear several songs that feature Anna’s brilliantly unique contributions as a composer, harpist, and leader. We invited the incredible Australian jazz vocalist Michelle Nicolle to be our guest artist-in-residence in Spring 2019 and recorded the theme from “Peter Gunn”, which she had previously released on a solo album; she was gracious to agree to record it again with us for this album!  We didn’t record in the Spring of 2020, of course, but otherwise, a few pieces got recorded every semester.  When you read the credits, you’ll discover that the remaining music (and artwork!) features a mix of compositions and arrangements penned by our current students, alumni, and faculty, topped off by the first-ever collaborative performance by Jazz Singers together with the One O’Clock Lab Band®!   Thanks for listening, spreading the word, and ENJOYING!

Jennifer Barnes, Director
UNT Jazz Singers

Disc One

1.    Course (2019)
Music by Camille Bertault 
Arr./adap.  Kathryn Sherman
Solos:  Abbi Berry, Joel White, Wes Dziedzic, August Knobbe

2.    Each Day (2019)
Words and music by Michael Valeanu/Cyrille Aimée/Matt Simons
Arr./adap.  Andrew Patrick
Solos:  Andrew Patrick, August Knobbe

3.    Green Finch and Linnet Bird (2020)
Words and music by Stephen Sondheim
Arr. Camila Meza, adap. Kerry Marsh
Solos:  Kathryn Sherman, Ethan Ditthardt, June Lee

4.    Yardbird Suite (2020)
Music by Charlie Parker/David Francis Baerwald; Lyrics by Eddie Jefferson
Arr. Jennifer Barnes, including partially transcribed solos by Roy Hargrove (Trumpet) and Charlie Parker (Alto Saxophone)
Kathryn Sherman, Rachel Azbell, Suzie Reese, Andrew Patrick, Tyler Thomas, vocals
Solo:  June Lee

5.    Merry Go Round (2020)
Words and music by Hildegunn Gjedrem 
Arr./adap. by Rosana Eckert
Lead vocal:  Abbi Berry  

6.    Seven Days (2018)
Words and music by Gordon Matthew Sumner (aka “Sting”)
Arr. Zach Yaholkovsky
Lead vocal:  Ken Ballard
Solo:  Jeongmin Ha

7.    Peter Gunn (2019)
Words and music by Henry Mancini/Jay Livingston/Ray Evans 
Arr. Michelle Nicolle, Vocal adap. by Kathryn Sherman
Special Guest Vocalist:  Michelle Nicolle
Solo:  Joel White

8.    Skogsråets Dans (2018)
Music by Anna Jalkéus
Solos:  Callandra Youngleson, Jeongmin Ha

9.    The Things We Did Last Summer (2019)
Jule Styne/Sammy Cahn 
Arr. Zach Yaholkovsky
Solos: Jack White, Callandra Youngleson, Byron Crenshaw

10.    Estrogenia (2018)
Words and music by Anna Jalkéus 
Solos:  Madison Russell (spoken), Vaughn Faison, Joel White


Disc Two

1.    Your Love Makes Me Blue (2022)
Words and music by Leonard Patton 
Arr. Lizzi Trumbore
Melody solos:  Jasper Fearon, Katelyn Robinson
Improvised solos: Lindsay Day, Daniella Hart, Michael Martin, Katelyn Robinson

2.    Can’t Fight (2021)
Words and music by Lianne La Havas/Matt Hales/Mura Masa 
Arr. Lindsay Day
Solo:  Tori Gilchrist, Daniëlla Hart, Jake Nalangan, Katelyn Robinson, Will St. Peter

3.    April Love (2021)
Words and music by Tyler Thomas 
Solos:  Kira Goidel, Jake Nalangan

4.    Unraveled (2021)
Words and music by Aubrey Johnson
Solos:  Savannah Koenig, Wes Dziedzic, Gabi Date

5.    I Carry Your Heart (2021)
Music by Pepper Adams; Lyrics by Barry Wallenstein
Arr. Jennifer Barnes
Solo:  Wes Dziedzic, Sierra Harmon, Anthony Cappetto

6.    Ange (2021)
Music by Donald Brown; Lyrics by Sanda Allyson
Arr. Geoffrey Keezer, Vocal Arr. by Jennifer Barnes
Solos:  Josh Newburry, Tori Gilchrist, Will St. Peter, Dakota Andersen

7.    The Return (2022)
Words and music by Joey Calderazzo and Kurt Elling
Vocal adap. Jennifer Barnes
Solos:  Tyler Thomas, Dakota Andersen, Jake Nalangan, Will O’Rourke

8.    Too Close for Comfort (2021)
Words and music by Jerrold Bock/Lawrence Holofcener/George Weiss
Arr. Jennifer Barnes
Solos: Tyler Thomas, Katelyn Robinson, Jake Nalangan, Josh Newburry

9.    Dreaming from the Blue (2022)
Music by Bill Cunliffe; Lyrics by Rosana Eckert)
Arr. Jennifer Barnes
Solo:  Mario Wellman, Dakota Andersen

10.    Upside Down (2022)
With special guest:  The One O’Clock Lab Band® (Directed by Alan Baylock)
Words and music by Laila Biali
Vocal adap. Jennifer Barnes, Instr. adap. Alan Baylock 
Vocal solos:  Savannah Koenig, Katelyn Robinson, Carly Stock

Dakota Andersen (tenor/bari) %=
Rachel Azbell (alto) ^
Ken Ballard (bass)  *+ ^
Abbi Berry (sop/alto)  *+^
Olivia Briley (alto) =
Tobi Crawford (alto) #
Andrew Creekbaum (bass) ^
Gabi Date (soprano/alto) #
Lindsay Day (soprano) ^#%=
Kayla DePretto (soprano) *+
Wes Dziedzic (tenor)  *+           
Vaughn Faison (tenor) *+            
Jasper Fearon (bass) %=
Jessica Fuller (soprano/alto) #
Tori Gilchrist (alto) %=
Kira Goidel (alto/soprano) #%
Grace Han (alto) #
Sierra Harmon (soprano) ^#
Daniëlla Hart-Rossouw (soprano/alto) %=
Whitney James (soprano/alto) #
Savannah Koenig (soprano/alto) #%=
Michael Martin (tenor) %=
Erika Morgan (soprano) ^
Andrew Patrick (bass)  *+^     
Gift Pratoomvieng (alto) #
Suzie Reese (alto/sop) *+^
Katelyn Robinson (soprano/alto) %=
Madison Russell (soprano) *+
Kathryn Sherman (sop/alto) *+^
Hannah Song (soprano/alto) #
Tyler Thomas (bass)  ^%=
Paris Varnier (soprano/alto) #
Kara Walton (alto/sop) *+
Jack White (bass) *+     
Callandra Youngleson (sop/alto) *+

Josh Calef (drum set) ^
Anthony Cappetto (bass) #
Aidan Cotner (guitar) #
Byron Crenshaw (acoustic bass) *+  
Ethan Ditthardt (guitar) ^
Wes Dziedzic (piano) #
Aramis Fernandez (percussion) ^%=
Jeongmin Ha (piano)  *
Eric Hitt (bass) ^
Anna Jalkéus (harp) *
August Knobbe (piano) +     
June Lee (piano) ^
DeJuan Mills (drum set) #
Jake Nalangan (piano/keyboard) %=
Josh Newburry (bass) %=
Will O’Rourke (drum set) %=
Micah Ritchie (drum set) *+
Will St. Peter (guitar) %
Mario Wellmann (guitar) =
Joel White (electric/acoustic guitar) *+      

*  Recorded December 2018    
+ Recorded May 2019    
^ Recorded Feb 2020    
# Recorded May 2021
% Recorded December 2021
=  Recorded May 2022

Directed by Alan Baylock
Ian Weidmann (lead)
Carly Stock
Andrew Larsen
Trevor English
Jack Lanhardt
William Ward (lead)
Renée McGee (split lead)
Craig Schroeder
David Vest
Pete Clagett
DJ Rice (lead)
Jack Courtright
Jackson Churchill
Kenny Ross (bass)
Ian Calhoun (bass
Rhythm Section
Will Peters-Seymour (guitar)
June Lee (piano)
Guillermo Lopez (bass)
Colman Burks (drum set)

Producer & Director:  Jennifer Barnes
Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Kent Stump
Post-production Editing:  Zach Yaholkovsky
Recording engineer for Michelle Nicolle's vocals on “Peter Gunn”: Stephen Magnusson
Recording and mixing engineer for the One O’Clock Lab Band®:  Phil Bulla

All other vocal and instrumental tracks recorded at Crystal Clear Sound (Dallas, TX) between December 2018 and May 2022

Artwork:  Samantha Sugrue (The Real Book Art Shop)
Graphic design:  Matt Hellman

Special thanks to Rosana Eckert (Principal Vocal Jazz Lecturer) for her private voice instruction to the Jazz Voice majors, to Alan Baylock (Director of the One O’Clock Lab Band®) for spearheading the historic collaborative recording featuring Jazz Singers with the One O’Clock Lab Band®, and to all of the Jazz Division faculty and staff for their instruction and support.  Special thanks also to the former and current Jazz Division Chairs, John Murphy and Rob Parton respectively, and the Dean of the College of Music, John Richmond, who offer their tireless encouragement and support to our students.

©℗ 2022
North Texas Jazz