L5 A Collection of Signs


A Collection of Signs
L5 Electric Guitar Ensemble
Directed by Fred Hamilton

Sample track:

El Regreso 7:53 Tom Kessler
The Left Hand Path 9:35 Fred Hamilton
Mind the Gap 6:58 Tim Goynes
Southern Discomfort 5:15 Lindsey Miller
Four More Years 8:08 Dan Bruce
A Collection of Signs 8:30 Chris McQueen
Valparaiso 7:50 Dan Bruce
Permanent Change 6:53 Jerome Covington
Maxine's Dragon 9:16 Fred Hamilton
Serial Thriller 6:48 Fred Hamilton

Dan Bruce, Tim Goynes, Tom Kessler, Chris McQueen, Lindsey Miller, guitars
Cooper Appelt, acoustic and electric bass
Ryan Jacobi, cymbals and drums