L5 The Quilt Master


The Quilt Master
L5 Electric Guitar Ensemble
Directed by Kevin Patton

Sample track:

Movement 8:55 (Gary Melvin) Soloists: Russell Holland, Gary Melvin
East St. Louis Whipping Post 6:52 (Kevin Brunkhorst) Soloists: Kevin Brunkhorst, Gary Melvin, Tim Dunn, Kory Washburn
La Smiley Girl 6:33 (Kevin Patton) Soloists: Kevin Brunkhorst, Gary Melvin, Stockton Helbing
Waltz for Bill 6:17 (Fred Hamilton) Soloists: Russell Holland, Kevin Brunkhorst
Electric Dance 7:02 (Fred Hailton) Soloists: Tim Dunn, Kevin Brunkhorst
Quilt Master in the Woods 8:37 (Fred Hamilton) Soloists: Matt Wigton, Tim Dunn
A Famous Actress Talks About Mental Health 7:38 (Kevin Brunkhorst) Soloists: Kevin Brunkhorst, Kory Washburn
Two Silver Threads 10:07 (Fred Hamilton) Soloists: Stockton Helbing, Kevin Brunkhorst, Kory Washburn

Guitar: Kevin Brunkhorst. Timothy Dunn, GaryMelvin, Russell Holland
Guitar and dobro: Kory Washburn
Bass: Matt Wigton
Drums: Stockton Helbing
Director: Kevin Patton